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Janvier 18, 2018
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Therefore, the motor power can be smaller, lower power consumption, reduce mechanical wear and tear directly after surface modification slime flotation flotation process, magnetic tailings recovered through the cyclone group coarse slime, overflow Flow into the inflatable flotation flotation system, after the surface modification and the second paragraph of microbubble flotation, flotation of coal by pressure filtration dehydration, the product incorporation of coal, flotation flotation tail coal Concentrated by filter press dehydration into slime.
Today for everyone to introduce inflatable Flotation Equipment slime water system process. Inflatable Flotation Machine's inflatable role is not generated by the rotating impeller negative pressure zone to the tank aspirated, but with the blower through the central cylinder to the impeller cavity gas. Its inflatable efficiency is mainly related to the amount of inflated air and the amount of circulating slurry through the impeller.
Flotation machine to ensure that the pulp has a good stirring effect, so that the ore particles will not precipitate and was suspended state and can be evenly distributed in the tank, while promoting the dissolution of some insoluble agents, in order to facilitate the full role of agents and minerals .
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